Tuesday 27 April 2021

Difficult for the big fish to survive? But it has to and it can !

The condition India is facing now is no less than the condition other countries like USA faced. Do you think India needs to have more Oxygen tanks now (but is required to keep life going, no agreement on that)? what if the Oxygen intake actually accelerates the growth of virus rather than helping the victim? There are a lot of question the health agencies in India still needs to figure out. The first and foremost is the control of the spread of virus, and that could be done through the following way:

a) Concentrated vaccination for the infectious people and keeping them isolated for time being and keeping them for further study. For this they have to be kept in one place and not let out. Kind of prison but for their betterment, rather than isolating in homes. Concentration camps could be made not only for harsh detaining purposes but also for the betterment of people. Use it don’t regret.

b) Use of UVC light for further control on non-living things.

c) Doing Point, a) will give time for the government to trace down the other affected people and tracing down the contacts too. 

d) Will give more time to make vaccination and vaccinating more people, because the current method of vaccinating people is a failure, because of the following:

1. The virus is getting adapted to the vaccine.

2. Only 1.4% of the people are vaccinated still now, and the length of vaccines to be effective is around 6 months, by this time it's statistically impossible to contain the spread and vaccinate the people. 

3. The climatic conditions are very well for the virus to spread, specially in the western parts of southern India.

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  1. Now I got the following question from a reader," Can we make concentration camps in India? Is it possible according to the constitution? My answer to that would be Yes! We have almost reached the critical scenario in 1976, during the emergency. But this situation here is different, and there should be a declaration of medical emergency (which is not there in the constitution).