Thursday 5 July 2012

Have Faith In Your Economic Ideas!

                                                                   It is every important for an ECONOMIST to have Faith in his Economic Ideas or Work in the field of Economics.It is also important for the economist to run Through the economic Ideas like a wandering person and to INNOVATE those ideas ! NOW , it's time for us to move from the techniques of John Keynes  and to INNOVATE his ideas to tackle inflation and to bring in the world  a new ECONOMIC REVOLUTION , which most of the people don't care.
                                                                  "There are many ECONOMIST in the world , but none of them have the idea and model to help the poor ,and if they have the ideas, they won't practice it ,BUT there are only a FEW in the world how are really able to help people through their ideas"

Every hard to think of a world without economics , but people who is a dedicated  one saves the world at the end.DON'T worry world because the new economic revolution will occur when the world needs it the most.We have to wait till that.
ECONOMIST should be an observer of nature and an innovator in his heart......

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