Saturday 22 December 2012

Economics of Connections.....

As a whole Economics is defined in Four different kinds, they are the following:-
1. Economics of wealth by Adam Smith
2. Economics of Welfare by Alfred Marshall
3. Economics of Scarcity by Lionel Robins
4. Economics of Growth by P.S Samuelson

But here we can add another Definition to Economics, i.e The Economics of Connections. The world class connections are somethings that every person in a co-operate industry needs to have and create a world of so called connections so as to help their works get done in no time. Dealers have to make connection in different parts of the world and they achieve their goals no matter what happens. Connections are everything that you truly need to have in this fast moving world to win and create what's in your mind in no time and make your dreams come true. Connection are a must, advertisement are just a wing of the so called connection. Connections could be studied as a new branch of the science and social science, just think....just think ... sometimes you feel that the world is moving so fast, but with connections all around the world we are  not felt alone in any world and at place... Boundaries are destroyed, People are there to help each other, People invent new things together to help Humanity.... Just Imagine a world like that...

reply must...contribute your ideas on adding Economics of Connections to the other four economic definitions...

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